Instructions for batteries to be refurbished

What exactly does refurbished mean?

Shipping Instructions

Shipping address : Alto Voltaggio - Via Giambellino,44 - cap 20146 Milano
Delivery times: Monday / Friday  10,30/13 -15/18,30
Tel.+39.02-4229-0957 cell +39.351-85-600-85

only for PROFOTOB4

First of all, (ONLY FOR B 4 Modelbuy this item for each battery sent to us.
As soon as the processing is complete, if the test is ok, we will send you a request for payment for the remaining part of the cost and consequently we will make the battery available for collection.

New Customer COMPANY

if you are a company Remember to fill out the new customer form where you will find other details .

In case of air shipment ex EU, indicate "Spare parts" in the description and, if requested for PROFOTO B4, attach this document for approval for air transport