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La Chimica

The principle behind an accumulator lies in the type of fuel chosen for a given cell. They are different from each other and their properties are different. For every positive aspect, for every advantage offered by a certain chemical element, there are disadvantages. So you have to get advice from us or from someone else, but be careful that it is an authority in the field and not an "expert" friend from some forum. Batteries are DANGEROUS


These days, miniaturization, the exploitation of space, its optimization are a seemingly unavoidable goal. You can do a lot with batteries, but not everything and not at all costs. Sometimes excellent solutions can be found, but it must be taken into account that the benefits may be less than the damages. A study of the materials with our tables can give you excellent help to achieve your goal. We have a lot of experience.


We are in contact with or follow scientists and universities dedicated to research every day. For many years now, as a crossroads of producers / users / researchers / enthusiasts / hobbyists, we have been collecting news, rumors, suggestions and the result is a clear and updated general picture of the developments achieved in the field of batteries.

qualità dei pacchi rigenerati

When we redo a package we always enhance it if possible. Part of the cost is fixed (labour) and therefore the difference between a quality cell and a common one is not that decisive, so if possible at the same price we always increase the quality of the workmanship.

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Le lamelle?

There is nothing standard in our drill packages not even the blades. We have different types and we use them ad hoc.

 Professionali Cinema

LiFe batteries with large power demand. An example is this fantastic Profoto Professional Film Set battery.

Avvitatori & trapani a batteria

Rigenerazione o Potenziamento batterie  per trapani. Con specifiche personalizzate  per Montatori, Percussori o Trapanazione.

 Professionali Photo

Rare batteries no longer produced that we not only supply to you, but by recreating them from scratch... we also enhance them for you. Of every shape.

If you can't find a replacement battery, you're in a hurry, you want to upgrade it or even create one from scratch... we are the Solution!

Pthat is, we adopt a thousand solutions and use the chemical element (Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, Li-ion, Li-po, Li-Fe, Alkaline) best for your needs.
We use top quality cells, we test them, we guarantee them by replacing them completely. You will enjoy a new battery, in many cases better than the original.